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The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat that has great form stability instead of a deep heavy keel. She accelerates quickly and sails at wind speed downwind up to 15 knots. The flat stern sections and chines make her easy to control.                                                                                          The layout of the VX One is clean and simple. With a self-tacking jib and single line to launch and douse the spinnaker a crew of two or three can easily control her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you would like to be part of this action call Michael James   0412 610 742.                                                                                                                                                                                                              No one makes any money out of selling VX Ones in Australia. We just think it is the best boat we have sailed and want more people in the class)

New Mackay boats around $36,000 plus sails.

Put your order in so we can organise the next shipment of new boats.

Finance packages available on new boats

Freddo, winner of VX One Mid-Winters

Freddo, winner of VX One Mid-Winters 2015

Next Regatta: 

VX One Winters Nationals at RQYS Manly Queensland 9th to 11th June.

 Read how to setup and trim to win in a VX One in the ‘News’ section.

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Fleets building in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and one in Perth who wants friends to play with. Two boats now in Adelaide & one is in Airlie Beach also. Call Michael to organise a ride for you in any of these places! 0412 610 742

Speedwagon, Sticky Fingers, Weapon of Choice, Numero Uno
Speedwagon, Sticky Fingers, Weapon of Choice, Numero Uno


Rock Hard http://www.sportsailingphotography

Experience the thrill of skiff sailing from the comfort of your cockpit!

WOW Factor, The Beast & Weapon of Choice by www.sportsailingphotography.com

WOW Factor, The Beast & Weapon of Choice by http://www.sportsailingphotography.com

Everyone who has been out in a VX One has loved it.

“That boat is a weapon, one of the best rides I’ve had downwind in 25 knots” Steve McConaghy


Freddo 1.1

Michael 1

Photo by Andrea Francolini

Photo by Andrea Francolini

VX One 2


SAILING - VX One Photo by Andrea Francolini



Unrivalled performance for your dollar. $40,000 for a boat that can do 20 knots!

Two or three person crew – no weight limit ( 200kg -230kg recommended)

Suitable for the whole family from Junior to Experienced!

Pull only one line to hoist & douse the kite

Self-tacking and furling jib to make manoeuvres and reducing sail in a blow easy 

Buy sails from any sail maker

No limit on advertising on sails or hull

Josh & Yorky heading out to sea                                                                            Photo by Andrea Francolini

The first VX One on the water in Australia. Delighted owner Fred Kasparek with Brian Bennett doing 18knots in 20 knots of breeze.