How did I hear about the VX One

I have been asked how I found out about the VX One so here goes. In January I first saw a VX One in the US magazine ‘Sailing World’ where it won ‘Boat of the Year’ She looked good but I did not think too much about the VX until I say that there was to be a demonstration weekend at RANSA in May.

I then checked out all the information and videos that I could on the web and came to the conclusion that the boat looked like she performed well in light air right through to strong breeze. The one design nature struck a chord with me as I prefer one design racing. I ran the NSW Laser association for a number of years back in the late 70’s & early 80’s. Just as the Laser had been a boat ahead of its time back then I see the VX One ahead of its time now. It is a modern design which is a strict one design class and has exhilarating performance.

After checking out the videos my thoughts were that if she performs at the demonstration weekend as well as the videos seem to indicate then I’m sure it is a boat with a great future and I will want one.

I ended up helping Fred Kasparek the owner of the boat and Brian Bennett organize the weekend and sailed the boat more than Fred, including some great spinnaker rides in 25 knots with Cribby and then with Brian.

The performance of the boat was breathtaking so indeed I did want one and after some discussions with Brian I became the agent for them in NSW.

So far I have taken 30 people for a sail. They all love the boat, many have said that they would love to sail in a fleet of them. I do not think that there is a question whether the boat will take off or not. It is just a question of time. As soon as some commit to buy one others will follow soon after. The VX One is too good a boat not to take off.

I have made my first sale which is a big step. Phil Tomkins is due in Australia in February with another VX One that I will have for sale.


Top of Sailing Anarchy with Sydney to Pittwater Run

Top of SA

VX One Australia hit the Top of Sailing Anarchy Front Page for a day in November 2012

The Video of the Sydney to Pittwater run received 12,000 views in one day. There are currently 19,500 views of the video.

Below is the story and video!

At the end of October when the forecast showed that there would be a 20 knot southerly and 2 metre seas on the Friday it seemed like a great opportunity to Yorky to see if he could get more than 25 knots out of his VX One. If he could do 24 knots on Sydney Harbour how good would it be surfing down that swell offshore?

Yorky put a plan together to sail his VX One from Sydney to Pittwater. His partner, Julie would take the trailer to a ramp just inside Barrenjoey.  A friend was lined up with his rubber duck to accompany them on the trip. A crew & someone to take photos and video did not prove easy to find. A number of his friends really wanted to sail but were busy and actually had to work!

As luck would have it a few connections led to a phone call to Josh McKnight, the Moth World Champion. Josh had just finished his University exams and was keen to do the trip. Yorky also contacted Andrea Francolini who had a small window of opportunity at 7am to take photos on The Sound before a shoot he had at Middle Harbour Yacht Club.

At the last minute the rubber duck could not do the trip so Cribby saved the day, picking up Andrea from MHYC for the session on the Sound. On the way down the Harbour Yorky & Josh hit 20 knots as the southerly began to build. After 40 minutes of sailing around, the rubber duck with Andrea taking photos they headed out to sea.

The waves were up to 3 metres and the breeze had built to 25 knots. It made for an extremely exciting run to Pittwater. The boat took off on many a wave and probably did mid-twenties on numerous occasions but the GPSs onboard were a bit worse for wear with all the water, so unfortunately there was no maximum speed recorded.

Enjoy the video!!!